My name is June Reister and I’m a paper artist. I love to make things out of paper. Then everyone can enjoy them. They make other people smile, which makes me smile. We need more smiling in this world.

I always say that there are 3 types of crafters. 

  1. Those that love crafting and make lots of things
  2. Those that want to learn how to make things but are beginners or are scared.
  3. Those that don’t make anything and don’t want to learn how but still want to have the results.

I’m a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator which means that you can purchase products from me to make things. Whether you already know how or want to know how, I’m here to help. You can also purchase things that I have already made.

I’m so excited to start a website with ALL of my info in one place. Here, you can look at what I’ve been making, buy what I’ve made (cards, gifts, etc), shop through me at my Stampin’ Up! store, read what I’m up to, ask questions, get on my mailing list, buy the retired items I’m selling and so much more. 

I will be adding to my links and more photos and such over the next couple of months. So be sure to check back in every week to see what’s new.

Thanks for stopping by!

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